Pure Lutein Powder

1.Leading manufacturer of Pure Lutein Powder
2.Certificates: ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal
3.Specification: 10%,20%,70% and 90%
4.Functions: protect eyesight from descending. Protect yellow membrane in retina, inhibit macula lutea from degeneration and blurred vision.


1. Product Introduction

Pure Lutein Powder is extracted from marigold flower. Lutein is kind of xanthophyll and one of naturally occurring carotenoids.

Pure Lutein Powder has yellow-red color, and it is insoluble in water and propyl glycol; slightly soluble in vegetable oil and n-hexane; soluble in ethanol, acetone and carrene; easily soluble in ethyl acetate, tetrahydrofuran and chloroform. Lutein is unstable to light and hydrogen, and it has to be stored in sealed, cool, dark and dry condition.

Lutein has a lot of health benefits. It has antioxidant property, and it may scavenge free radicals, support eye health, protect skin from ultraviolet ray damage, reduce the risk of suffering diabetes, and inhibit the increase of cancer cells.

Lutein is primarily used as a colorant in food and supplements due to its yellow-red color. It appears yellow at low concentrations and orange-red at high concentrations.

Lutein can also be used as addtives to feeds for poultry, fish and shrimps.

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2. Product Specification

Product Name

Pure Lutein Powder

Botanical Source

Marigold Flower

Plant Latin Name

Tagetes Erecta L

Used Part


Sterilization Method

NO-IR&GMO free


Orange Powder

Lutein Content


Loss on drying




Particle size(pass through sieve No.80)








Arsenic (As)






Total Plate Count


Yeasts and Moulds








3. Features and Applications

Pure Lutein Powder can protect eyesight from descending. Protect yellow membrane in retina, inhibit macula lutea from degeneration and blurred vision. Anti-oxidation, inhibit harmful free radical from forming. Protect retina, absorb a great quantity blue light which enters our eyes.

Lutein have the lower macular pigment density, cut down the incidence of cataract.

Anti-oxidation, inhibit the activity of active oxygen-derived free radicals.

Inhibit artery wall from thickening and arterial embolism, cut down the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, delay arteriosclerosis.

Antitumous effect, inhibit breast carcinoma, carcinoma of prostate, rectal cancer, skin cancer, etc.

Lutein is natural pigment, strong tinting power, dosage low, color bright-colored.

Lutein powder applications

4.Product Qualification

Available Certificates: ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal.

lutein powder Certificates

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10. Package, Storage and Delivery

Package: Packed in 20kg/190kg food grade drum covered with inert gas or customized according to customer needs.

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