Rosemary Extract Powder

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3.Rosemary extract protect against various forms of cancers. Additionally, rosmarinic acid can be absorbed through the skin when in an ethanol base


1.Product Introduction

Rosemary provides your body with antioxidants when ingested, as in the case of rosemary extract. Its extract contains rosmanyric and carnosic acid, both of them phenols and the two most potent components of rosemary. Rosmarinic acid is a phenolic compound and ester of caffeic acid; it displays general anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and may protect against various forms of cancers. Additionally, rosmarinic acid can be absorbed through the skin when in an ethanol base


2. Function a of Rosemary Extract Powder

①As natural antioxidant, it's antioxidant activity is higher than VE. It is widely used in cosmetics, food, fragrance, perfume, shower gel, shampoo, soap and air fresheners.

②Rosemary extract serves as an excellent nerve and brain tonic and improves memory skills and concentration. The strong, floral aroma of rosemary oil induces relaxation and acts as a stimulant to the nervous system. It stimulates the brain and the central nervous system and fights mental fatigue, thus enhancing mental clarity. It is a good remedy for depression, boredom, fatigue and forgetfulness.

③It provides protection to the brain cells from the effects of aging process and enhances memory.

④Rosemary extract is well known to protect skin cells that prevent age-related changes in skin such as wrinkles and the formation of dark spots, protects the skin cells from the damage caused by aging and thus delay the occurrence of wrinkles and sagging skin.

3. Applications of Rosemary Extract Powder

In Food industry

①High-efficient antioxidant;
③Restrain growing of colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus.
In Pharmaceuticals and Health Care industry
①Reduces activity of hyaluronidase, then keep hyaluronic acid living for a long time in epidermal cell;
② Antineoplastic effect;
③Anti-hepatitis effect, protect liver from damnification;
⑤ Anti-thrombus;
⑦Refreshing, strengthening memory, improving strain and hypersomnia, anti-depressant.
In Cosmetic industry
①Intensify constringency;
② Eliminate freckle, strengthen skin elasticity and slow aging;
③Accelerate blood circulation of scalp;
④Improve phalacrosis, reduce scurf and embellish hair;
⑤Stimulate hair and nail growing

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