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BCAA and glutamine

Aug 17, 2021

The mechanism of bcaa to prevent muscle destruction is related to the promotion of muscle synthesis. In bcaa, leucine phosphorylates 4EPB1 through the mTOR signaling pathway to promote muscle synthesis and muscle destruction. The duration of action of bcaa is very short. To prevent muscle damage caused by carbohydrate deficiency, you should supplement branched chain amino acids throughout the day. It doesn't make sense that you can choose to use a small amount of free bcaa multiple times. In order to use other proteins, bcaa provided by cow egg white is slowly released.

Free bcaa is short-term, but it is very powerful against muscle damage, so all bcaa experiments to prevent muscle damage are about bcaa that prevents muscle damage during exercise. Experiments have shown that it plays an important role in preventing muscle damage during aerobic exercise.

In short, free bcaa is only effective when used before aerobic exercise. It is rarely used at other times. It is meaningless to prevent a small amount of muscle damage in 24 hours 1-2 hours. Great influence on the overall effect. Although small, this can be achieved by using a lot of protein.

For glutamine, there is no experiment to prove that it has the ability to prevent muscle damage, but when glutamine is lacking, the human body provides glutamine by destroying muscles. Supplementing glutamine is glutamine, which can only avoid the deficiency. Muscle destruction Aminoamide should not be lacking.