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How much do you know about essential amino acids?

Aug 18, 2021

Amino acids are the most basic substances that constitute proteins in organisms and are related to life activities. They are the basic units that constitute protein molecules in organisms, and are closely related to the life activities of organisms. It has special physiological functions in antibodies and is one of the indispensable nutrients in organisms.  

The basic substance that constitutes the human body is the material basis of life

One of the basic substances of the human body

The most basic substances that make up the human body include protein, lipids, carbohydrates, inorganic salts, vitamins, water, and dietary fiber. 

As the basic unit of protein molecules, amino acids are undoubtedly one of the most basic substances in the human body.

The material basis of life metabolism

The production, existence and extinction of life are all related to protein. As Engels said: “Protein is the material basis of life, and life is a form of protein existence.” If the human body lacks protein, the physique of the lighter person will decline and develop. Sluggishness, weakened resistance, anemia, fatigue, severe edema, and even life-threatening. Once protein is lost, life ceases to exist, so some people call protein the "carrier of life". It can be said that it is the first element of life.  

The basic unit of protein is amino acid. If the human body lacks any kind of essential amino acids, it can lead to abnormal physiological functions, affect the normal progress of the body's metabolism, and finally lead to diseases. Similarly, if the human body lacks certain non-essential amino acids, it will produce metabolic disorders.

Amino acids can play some of the following roles through metabolism in the human body:

①Synthesize tissue protein;

②It becomes acid, hormone, antibody, creatine and other ammonia-containing substances;

③Convert into carbohydrates and fats;

④Oxidize into carbon dioxide, water and urea to produce energy.

Therefore, the presence of amino acids in the human body not only provides an important raw material for protein synthesis, but also provides a material basis for promoting growth, normal metabolism, and maintaining life. If the human body lacks or reduces one of them, the human body’s normal life metabolism will be hindered, and even lead to the occurrence of various diseases or the termination of life activities.

This shows how much amino acids are needed in human life activities.