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Can I use branched chain amino acids as sports drinks?

Jul 06, 2021

You can use branched chain amino acids as a sports drink, but please forget its role in resisting muscle breakdown.

Choose products that combine branched chain amino acids. At least they have extra functions.Taking about 5g BCAA at a time is suitable for our Chinese (70-80kg). You can drink it with training or 10 minutes before training.

Don't drink it after training or at other times.

Because the use of BCAA will increase when the human body is trained for more than 30 minutes, BCAA is generally used before (immediately) or during (slowly) training.

At this time, BCAA amino acids can delay training fatigue (but not stimulate) and enhance muscle endurance.

A dosage of 5-10 G can be used.

If BCAA is used after training, its direct effect will be weakened.

It is also recommended to get up in the morning to eat BCAA, which is very unreasonable. The effect of BCAA on muscle decomposition inhibition is only reflected in the lack of protein in the body, and in this case - you should take protein to end the fasting state, instead of foolishly eating BCAA!

Even for most fitness enthusiasts, eating BCAA won't make a significant difference at all.

Therefore, just suggest that you: BCAA as a drink, or training to improve muscle endurance and energy output products, rather than relying on it to resist muscle decomposition!