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Common Vitamin unit conversion

Sep 30, 2017

Common Vitamin unit conversion: 1IU Vitamin A alcohol, Vitamin A = 0.3μg; 1IU Vitamin D = 0.025 / μg of crystalline vitamin D; 1IU Vitamin E = 1mgDL-α- tocopherol acetate. IU guided out of the activity unit is mol / s, i.e., the amount of enzymatic conversion of substrate reaction, such as enzyme activity units with international units (IU or U) per person, according 1IU = 1μmol / min or 1IU ( or U) = 16.67nmol / s in terms of vitamin a, which is equivalent to an international unit of vitamin a acetate 0.344UG (g) of the biological potency. 

And this biological potency, based on young mice, feeding data to a lack of vitamin A in food, feed to the degree of development of the standard mouse compared with the obtained. Vitamin E has three metrics: international units (IU), milligrams (mg) and equivalent (RE). Conversion relationship: 1IU d-α- tocopherol = 1.49mgα- tocopherol tocopherol equivalent = 1.49α- see the results of another 400 IU of vitamin E = 267 mg of vitamin E is: 1 IU of vitamin E = 0.668 mg of vitamin E; 1 mg of vitamin E = 1.5 IU of vitamin E called international units (IU) is to assess the vitamin a, D units of measurement two nutrients content. 


Vitamin A in the early aspect is 0.30 micrograms of retinol or carotene β- defined as 0.60 micrograms 1 international unit, because in animal experiments, retinol and β- carotene compared to the same amount of physiological activity after who only half of the former. Later found β- carotene absorption rate is low (only the third retinol), and vitamin A precursor β- other carotenoids other than physiological activity also lower. What does it mean so much? That is the use of international units as Measurement units of vitamin A, can not reflect the real nutritional value of vitamin A (vegetable origin have overestimated suspected), the latest nutritional intake recommendations are the use of retinol equivalents vitamin A as a unit of measure. One microgram of retinol equivalent = 1 mg retinol = 6 micrograms β- carotene = 3.33 IU retinol = 10 IU β- carotene and other vitamin A precursors (1000 micrograms generally commercially available β = 1 mg - a carotene that is 25000IU about 15mg of vitamin a)

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