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How to use vitamin E correctly to improve the reproduction effect of fur animals (2)

Mar 25, 2021

Dosage calculation:

1. It can be increased appropriately when put into ration feeding (the dosage is usually increased by 20%);

2. In view of the VE content in dietary raw materials has a downward trend year by year, it is recommended to feed the appropriate amount of VE;

3. When the diet contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, the supply of vitamin E should be increased. If the diet fat is higher than 3%, for every 1% increase in the content, the VE dosage will increase by 2.5%;

4. The VE in feed ingredients is greatly lost during natural drying and storage. The VE loss of old stored grain is more than 90%, and the monthly loss rate of extruded or puffed raw materials is 5-10%. The use should be reduced;

5. The level of selenium in the diet and the concentration of antioxidants affect the VE requirement. Selenium and methionine can save VE. When antioxidants are used, the amount of VE added can be appropriately reduced;

6. The lack of choline in the diet requires an increase in the amount of VE;

7. The United States Pharmacopoeia defines 1IU (International Unit) VE=1mgDL-α-tocopherol acetate.

Scientific use:

1. Self-preparation: optional human VE capsules or tablets, or feed grade VE powder (content 50%); human vitamin E capsules generally contain 100mg/tablet, 50mg/tablet and 5mg/tablet for human use Medicines, generally labeled "net content" and "effective ingredient content per 100g", need to convert the content of each grain, and then calculate the feeding amount according to the required amount;

2. Self-mixing and using the manufacturer's compound additives: check the VE content of the manufacturer's products, and calculate the usage; but it should be noted that the dosage should not exceed the manufacturer's recommended amount as much as possible to avoid nutritional imbalance and adverse reactions caused by excessive other additives; throw away after accounting If the dosage is insufficient, VE monomer needs to be purchased separately (note the effective content or potency);

3. Use compound feed: check or inquire about the VE content of the compound, and calculate the VE amount that has been fed according to the daily feeding amount; the insufficient part shall be supplemented with compound additives (it is better to use compound additives produced by the same manufacturer to avoid the antagonism between additives , At the same time, it has the synergistic effect of homologous additives), or purchase VE monomer supplement; for example, the VE content of dry powder feed is 200mg/kg during the fox breeding period. If you feed one meal, 125 grams per meal, you will consume 25mg of VE per day through dry powder feed. According to the look-up table, you should be fed 40mg of VE per capita.day in January, and you need to feed VE15mg; the compound additive VE has been checked for the use period If the content is 5000mg/kg, it is sufficient to feed 3 grams of compound additives per day or 30mg of feed grade VE powder per day.

4. VE is a fat-soluble vitamin, diluted with warm vegetable oil;

5. The growth and development of the sex organs takes a long time. The reproductive organs of foxes have obvious seasonal changes under the influence of photoperiod. The sex organs begin to develop at the end of August, which accelerates significantly in November, and mature from mid-January to mid-February. After the end of mating, organs shrank rapidly from the end of March to the end of April. The cyclical changes of female fox’s sex organs are the same as that of male foxes. They are in a state of shrinkage in summer. Adult fox ovaries begin to develop from the autumnal equinox. There are mature follicles and eggs on the ovaries at the end of January and early February. After the winter solstice is its rapid development stage. , It is necessary to adjust the VE feeding time and feeding measurement in time; it is recommended to start from the autumnal equinox and increase the VE dosage month by month with time;

6. Feeding time, feed at equal time intervals, the feeding effect is better in the late feeding period.

7. Other vitamin additives can be fed according to the VE usage method. Different dosages are the same!