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Is Stigmasterol a steroid?

May 14, 2021

Yes, Stigmasterol is a steroid, which is derivative characterized

by the hydroxyl group in position C-3 of the steroid skeleton, and unsaturated bonds in position 5-6 of the B ring, and position 22-23 in the alkyl substituent.

It is a chemical compound, which could be founded in many plant fats. being founded in plants, it presents in many animals which absorb it through their diets, and in animal products such as milk. For plants, stigmasterol plays a regulatory function. Humans utilize stigmasterol in a number of chemical processes which are designed to yield synthetics for the pharmaceutical industry.

Collected from plants, stigmasterol can be used to make synthetic progesterone for medical use. Progesterone can also be used as a precursor for an assortment of estrogens, androgens, and corticoids, making it useful in the manufacture of medications which use hormones in these groups. Plant sterols are used in the produced of a number of hormones intended for use in humans and other animals.