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What is the core role of BCAA for tennis enthusiasts?

Mar 17, 2021

1. Prevent protein breakdown and muscle loss

BCAA has a very good anti-decomposition effect, which helps prevent protein decomposition and muscle loss. If the rate of protein synthesis decreases and protein decomposition increases, just like when the eaten protein is digested and absorbed, the protein is hydrolyzed into a simple, non-degradable protein. Soluble substances such as peptides and amino acids, otherwise there is a risk of losing muscle. After tennis physical training or a game of tennis, supplementing with BCAA can effectively prevent protein breakdown and muscle loss, and fuel the body.


2. Relieve fatigue and help recovery

Excessive fatigue leads to injuries, which is a common phenomenon in sports. Some people are thin, weak in muscle strength, weak or unbalanced, so they are prone to muscle soreness, strain, or even tearing after being over-fatigued; some people are born with weak body, weakened nervous system, and are prone to over-fatigue. Insomnia, loss of concentration, etc., and distraction can easily lead to accidental injuries during exercise, such as accidental injuries to tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and joints.

The recovery after training and competition is particularly important. Because BCAA has a high degree of functional recovery, supplementation with meals immediately after exercise or after exercise can reduce cortisol and quickly restore the level of branched chain amino acids in the muscles. The effect of relieving fatigue and helping recovery is very significant.

3. Stable on-the-spot performance

Energy supplementation has a great relationship with the fluctuation of blood sugar in the body. If your diet makes your body's blood sugar fluctuate greatly when you play ball, your sports performance will be bad. The most direct phenomenon is inattention, easy to lose focus. We know that concentration is very important to the performance of any sport. If you add a proper amount of BCAA during the game, you can keep your brain in a more awake state.