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Dull skin with fine lines? See if your skin care products have this ingredient!

Mar 25, 2021

Wherever the years have passed, various lines are left, and it takes away the radiance and beauty of the skin. This feeling should not be too familiar to girls over 25. In order to "meet a better self", in addition to gluttonous chicken soup, more depends on your own efforts. For patients with lazy cancer, don't worry. Today, I will bring this "supervisor" to solve the problem of dull skin and oxidative damage.

This "supervisor" is vitamin E.

It is also a natural antioxidant that can fight lipid peroxides. Vitamin E is fat-soluble and can act freely inside and outside the cell. This is the biggest difference between it and water-soluble vitamin C.


Vitamin E not only covers the lipid peroxides that vitamin C cannot take care of, but the two work closely together. The active oxygen exchanged by vitamin E in the lipid environment can be exchanged again through vitamin C. It feels like a liver.


Vitamin E has 4 tocopherol (α-, β-, γ-, δ-) configurations, of which α-tocopherol has the highest activity.