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When is it suitable for people to supplement branched chain amino acids?

Aug 23, 2021

After knowing the use of branched chain amino acids, who is it suitable for? Simply put, people who want to relieve fatigue can supplement them, such as athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Ordinary healthy people can easily get enough branched-chain amino acids in their daily food, while some high-consumption groups need additional supplements.

The anti-fatigue effect of branched chain amino acids has been proved by animal studies a long time ago, so athletes have also begun to eat branched chain amino acids to fight fatigue. Of course, people who exercise regularly can also supplement branched chain amino acids appropriately. Branched-chain amino acids are particularly suitable for long-term endurance exercise supplements. Therefore, friends who run a marathon suggest that supplementing it can effectively delay the occurrence of fatigue. Some parents will supplement branched-chain amino acids to children with serious academic stress. This is also possible, branched chain amino acids can reduce brain fatigue and central fatigue, but you must be careful not to over do it!

It is also very important to choose the right time to supplement branched-chain amino acids. Supplementation at different time points has different effects. The following time points are more ideal for marathon running: Suitable for the best time:

1. Supplement branched chain amino acids before exercise to prepare more BCAA for horse racing. The human body not only has sugar and fat to supply energy, but also has back-up energy such as branched chain amino acids. The horse race will naturally succeed. 2. It can also be supplemented appropriately during horse racing. This kind of supplementary node is mainly due to the fact that the energy in the body is almost exhausted, but there are still several kilometers away. At this time, branched-chain amino acids can stimulate muscle cells to take up glucose and prevent protein degradation, and the catabolism of branched-chain amino acids can be further enhanced to supply energy, thereby improving exercise capacity and prolonging exercise time. Supplementing branched chain amino acids during exercise can effectively slow down the occurrence of fatigue.

Replenish within 2 hours after exercise. After long-term endurance exercise such as horse racing, glycogen "energy-providing substances" in the body consumes a lot of blood, blood sugar levels are also reduced, and alanine levels are correspondingly reduced. Currently, the content of lactic acid and free radicals is very high. Timely supplementation of branched-chain amino acids can effectively prevent the accumulation of lactic acid in skeletal muscles, help lactic acid excretion into the body, and can effectively delay and reduce fatigue and relieve muscle pain.