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Explore the essence of BCAA

Aug 19, 2021

Objectively speaking, BCAA has always been a type B supplement, which may be effective but needs more research to confirm. If you don’t know anything about BCAA, here are some common possible effects:

Resists muscle protein breakdown and promotes muscle protein synthesis

Relieve muscle damage caused by exercise and enhance recovery ability


Improve endurance

Wait a minute, it is simply to increase muscle mass and reduce fat. After all, leucine, one of the main ingredients, is a key amino acid that promotes muscle protein synthesis.

All in all, there are at least two things in BCAA that are not controversial:

Some people will perform better after drinking BCAA and have anti-fatigue effect (this is the actual experience of drinking it)

A delicious sugar-free sports drink. Whether it's useful or not, at least it has many flavors and a complete range of tricks. It's still very refreshing to make a cup before working out and drink while practicing.