Avocado Oil Powder

1.Powdered form of avocado oil;
2.Cold water soluble;
3.Different formulas and different oil loading available;
4.China's leading micro-encapsulated lipid powder manufacturer


Product Description

The Avocado oil powder is a white to off white free flowing powder with a neutral taste & smell is versatile in its application range. Avocado is the fruit of the avocado tree, is prized for its high nutrient value and is added to various dishes due to its good flavor and rich texture. Avocados are very nutritious and contain a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals. Avocados are high in monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid (omega 9) and palmitoleic acid (omega 7). Both fruit and oil have a great appeal to consumers for its associated health. Our Avocado oil powder is a vegan fat powder with a 50% oil load, based upon avocado oil and spray dried with different carriers. The encapsulated powder is water soluble, and intended for dry formulations like diet foods, sports nutrition, and medical food.


Product Function and Application

Function of Avocado Oil Powder:

  • Good affinity to human skin, can easily be absorbed through the skin, a strong absorption of

ultraviolet light, combined with vitamin E and carotene, which has a good skin care, sun protection and health care.

  • Support healthy cholesterol levels, ease inflammation, improve brain function, fight serious malignant disease and promote good eye health.

  • Increase metabolism, therefore to help weight loss.

Application of Avocado Oil Powder:

Avocado Oil Powder is wildly used dry formulations like high fat/low carbs food products like shakes and bars, diet foods, sports nutrition, medical food, comestics and health care product as face creams, masks, cleansers, lotions and hair care products.

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Package and Delivery

The Avocado Oil Powder is packed in 10kg alumnum bag, two bags in one carton.

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