Evening Primrose Oil Powder

1.Advanced Micro-encapsulated technology;
2. Water soluble,stability to light,heat,oxygen,PH,less volatile;
3. Assay of 50% oil content;
4. Rich in Omega-6.


Product Description

Evening primrose oil powder is a white or an off-white free-flowing powder. It is made of evening primrose oil and other carriers like modified starch, mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids and sodium ascorbate etc. through HSF advanced micro-encapsulated technology. It is rich in Omega-6, and

is an important nutritional supplement, widely used in food, health food, dairy products and beverages


Evening primrose oil powder (2) Evening Primrose oil

Product Specification


white to off white free-flowing powder

Gamma Linolenic Acid as TG(mg/g)

42.5 Min

Bulk Density(g/ml)

0.40-0.60 g/ml

Peroxide Value(%)

10.0 Max.

Loss on Drying(%)

3.0 Max

Particle Size

90% through 60 Mesh

Product Features and Application

Evening Primrose Oil Powder is a microencapsulated powder, which is water soluble and has a better stability to light, heat, oxygen, PH and less volatile. Therefore, it has an outstanding use advantages than evening primrose oil.

It is widely used in solid drinks, healthy food, diary products, beverages, dietary supplement, cosmetics etc.

Evening primrose oil function

Product Certificates

Product certificates

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