OEM/Toll Manufacturing Of Granulating/Coating Products

1.OEM/Toll Manufacturing service available; 2.Certificates:ISO9001, ISO22000,IP(NON-GMO), Kosher, Halal and FAMI-QS are in place;
3.Annual Capacity of 600~1000mts;


Brief Introduction of HSF company

1. HSF is an innovation-driven biotechnology company. Believing in that innovation serves a

better life.

2. We have got 22 patented technologies.

3. Our core technology including oil refining, molecular distillation, spray-drying,

fermentation and etc.

Brief Introduction of Micro-encapsulated Solid Powder

HSF Micro-encapsulated solid powder is based on its patented technology,

With proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, the project is to encapsulate solid materials into micro particles, addressing the challenges that have been facing the market,such as poor solubility in water, instability of active ingredients,difficult handling and flowing ability,bad taste and odors, hard to control the release of core materials and etc.

Premixing, granulating and coating of amino acids, vitamins and other powders

Simplified production process:

Simplified production process

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Products list for customer’s reference

Products list for customer’s reference

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