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Micro-capsule Phytosterol Ester

Jan 11, 2018

Description of Micro-capsule Phytosterol Ester:
A fine powder is blend of soybean phytosterol ester, sodium starch octenyl succinate, Xanthan gum and Sucrose esters spray dried into a water dispersible formulation. It is intended for use in beverages and other aqueous-based food system, and used in dry mixes or instant product formulas.


  Soybean phytosterol estermin. 30% w/w
    sodium starch octenyl succinatemax. 60% w/w
    Xanthan gummax. 1% w/w
    Sucrose estersmax. 0.5% w/w

Storage Conditions: 

Store in the original packaging in a cool (less than 77H; 25), dry place. Avoid excessive exposure to heat and light. 


10-25 kg fiber drums with polyethylene liner blanketed with inert gas.