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What is stigmasterol?

Jan 09, 2018

Name: Stigmasterol

CAS no. : 68555-08-8

Molecular formula: C29H50O.

Molecular weight: 414.70700.

Exact quality: 414.38600.

PSA: 20.23000

LogP: 8.02480

Density: 0.97 g/cm3.

Melting point: 165-167 DHS C (lit.)

Boiling point: 501.9 and C at 760 mmHg.

Flash: DHS 220.4 C


Stigmasterol is a kind of substance which is purified by physics and has high nutritional value and strong physiological activity.It is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, animal growth agents and paper processing, printing, textile, food and other fields.

Stigmasterol is abundant in soybean, which is usually not absorbed by animals.Acetylation and bromination of unsaponified substances in soybean oil were carried out, and the dissolubility of tebromide was separated by ethyl ether acetic acid.


Product use: used as steroid hormone synthesis raw material, also can be used as the production raw material of vitamin D3.As a constituent of steroid hormones, as a component in phytosterol, its content is generally around 20%.

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