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Product Description of Lutein Powder 80%

【What is Lutein and Zeaxanthin?】

Lutein and zeaxanthin belong to carotenoids. They are natural pigments with bright color, strong coloring power, good antioxidation, safety and no toxicity, and rich nutritional value. It is a kind of natural plant widely existing in vegetables, flowers, fruits and some algae. It is widely used in food, health products, cosmetics, medicine, tobacco, animal and poultry feed and other fields.

Lutein powder itself


Natural lutein and zeaxanthin can be obtained by microbial fermentation, microalgae biological culture and natural plant extraction. At present, the lutein sold as a commodity basically comes from the petals of Tagetes erecta.


Lutein and zeaxanthin widely exist in plants, and they are also important components of human retinal macular pigment. Studies have found that they not only play an important role in protecting eye health, but also have unique physiological functions in protecting skin health, promoting cognitive function and preventing cardiovascular disease .

Product nameMarigold Extract

5%~80%Lutein UV or HPLC,

5%~20% Zeaxanthin HPLC

Appearanceorange fine power
Arsenic (As)≤2ppm
Lead (Pb)≤2ppm
Mercury (Hg)≤0.1ppm
Total Plate Count≤1000CFU/g
Yeast & Molds≤100CFU/g

Product Specifications

Product Name





Lutein Crystal


Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in oil


Lutein Powder


Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in oil


Lutein Oil Suspension


Soluble in oil

Oil suspension

Lutein Microencapsulated Powder


soluble in water

Water dispersive, Particulate

Lutein Ester

Lutein Ester Powder


Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in oil


Lutein Ester Oil Suspension


Soluble in oil

Oil suspension

Lutein Ester Microencapsulated Powder


soluble in water

Water dispersive, Particulate


Zeaxanthin Powder


Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in oil


Zeaxanthin Oil Suspension


soluble in water

Water dispersive, Particulate

Zeaxanthin Microencapsulated Powder


soluble in water

Water dispersive, Particulate

Technical Specification of Lutein Powder 80%


Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Functionality and Applications

Health Care ProductsFoodAnimal FeedCosmetics

Eye Care Products

Food Colorant

Feed Additive

Skin Care

Eye Care ProductsFood ColorantFeed Additive

Animal Nutrition

Skin Care


1.Eye Care (Retinal protection, prevention of cataract)

Lutein and zeaxanthin are the only dietary carotenoids that accumulate in the retina, especially in the macular area at the back of the eye. Because they are concentrated in the macula, they are called macular pigments.

Macula is essential for vision. Lutein and zeaxanthin are important antioxidants in this field by protecting the eyes from harmful free radicals. It is believed that over time, the reduction of these antioxidants will damage eye health.

Lutein and zeaxanthin also act as natural sunscreens by absorbing excess light energy. They are thought to protect your eyes from harmful blue light.


Lutein and zeaxanthin are natural pigments with bright color and strong coloring power, which are used for food coloring.

3.Dietary Supplements / Animal Nutrition

Lutein and zeaxanthin are widely recommended as dietary supplements, animal and poultry feed and nutrition.

4.Antioxidants / Skin Care

Lutein and zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants that protect your body from unstable molecular free radicals. Their antioxidant properties can reduce the effect of "harmful" low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, thereby reducing the formation of plaque in the arteries and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Market Applications

Ice Cream(Singapore)


Premix Powder(Germany)

Ice Cream(Singapore)Candies(UK)Premix Powder(Germany)

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