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Product Introduction

Pine tree sterols actually refers to phytosterols sourced from pine tree, rich in Beta-sitosterol. Itconsists of Beta-sitosterol, Beta-sitostanol, Campesterol, brassicasterol, Stigmasterol and other sterols. It is appeared as a white to off-white granule, with the effect of reducing cholesterol, anti-ulcer, and anti-canner etc. It is used as a raw material for the synthesis of steroid drugs and Vitamin D3, and can also be used as a hair care nutrient and a skin care nutrient in cosmetics and as new type animal feed owing to its attributes of benefit-growth, promote-healthy and raise-output.

Pine Tree Sterols powder

Product Specification

The content of the sterols are as below:

Total Sterol ≥98%, Beta-sitosterol≥70%,

Beta-sitostanol≤ 15%,Campesterol≤ 20%,

Brassicasterol≤ 10%,Stigmasterol≤ 1.5%

Other sterols≤ 10%

Technology Process

Function of Pine Tree Sterols

Pine Tree Sterols has the effect of cholesterol reduction, anti-inflammatory effect, prevention and treatment of coronary atherosclerosis kind of heart disease and keep the skin moisture, promote skin metabolism.

Manufacturing Process

Methanol Tall oil

Catalyst → Mixture



Water-washing → Methanol

Ethanol → Cold separation and crystallization





The mechanism of phytosterols for lowering cholesterol


①It can precipitate the cholesterol in the small intestine and make the cholesterol appear insoluble, so that it cannot be absorbed.

②The cholesterol in the micelles can be replaced, so that most of the cholesterol cannot be transported to the absorption site of the small intestine microvilli.

③It prevents cholesterol and triglycerides from forming chylomicrons, and prevents intestinal epithelial cells from transporting cholesterol to the blood.

④It can increase the number of cholesterol transport bodies and promote the pumping of cholesterol back into the intestinal lumen, thereby reducing the net absorption of cholesterol.

Application of Pine Tree Sterols

●Synthesis of steroid hormones and a variety of corticosteroid drug.

●Nutritional supplements regulator, can be added to vegetable oils, vegetable butter,margarine, dairy products, vegetable protein drinks, condiments, salad dressing, mayonnaise, juice, macaroni, noodles and vegetarian cereals, etc.

●Used in the medicines with the effect of lowering cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-ulcer effect.

●Used as skin nutrients, emulsifier, regulator to add in the cosmetics, personal care products


Application Industry of Phytosterol



First used in margarine in 1995 (Finland)Maintain skin surface moisture, promote skin metabolism, inhibit skin inflammation
Pharmaceutical raw materialsIndustrial use
Pharmaceutical raw materials Industrial use
Synthesis of vitamin D3 and other important intermediates of steroid drugsLubricating oil is antioxidant, softener and dispersant for chemical spinning

Phytosterol market application case

Edible oils Yogurt, Margarines

Edible oils

Yogurt, Margarines
Nutraceuticals Person care products
NutraceuticalsPerson care products

Product Qualification

The product is certificated with ISO9001, ISO22000, FAMI_QS, IP(NON_GMO),Kosher, Halal.


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