Tongkat Ali Extract powder

Tongkat Ali Extract powder

1.Pioneer manufacturer of Tongkat Ali Extract powder
2.Available Certificates of ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal
3.Tongakt ali root extract can increase muscle mass and strength


Product Description of Tongkat Ali Extract powder

Tongkat Ali is a wild tree plant that grows in moist sandy soils in the primordial tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia near the equator. The maturity period is more than 5 years. Its tree height is 4-6 meters, its trunk diameter is 8-10 cm, and its thickest can reach 15 cm. The branches were almost unbranched, and the leaves grew like umbrellas on top. Its roots are not bifurcated, reaching a depth of up to 2 meters. The roots of Tongkat Ali have a variety of effects.


Product Specifications



Product Functions and Applications

1. Men enhancement, the highest can reach 44%, promote the growth of human muscle
2. Tongkat ali malaysia has multiple effects, such as promote physical fitness and control
3. Tongkat ali malaysia enhance blood circulation, enhance renal dynamic and reduce the damage of drugs on renal
4. Tongkat ali malaysia rapid recovery of strength
5. Tongkat ali malaysia enhance human fertility and improve energy

6. Tongkat ali malaysia prevent and cure the malaria

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