D-alpha Tocopherol Oil

1.Leading manufacturer of Natural sourced Vitamin E
2.Certificates: ISO9001, ISO22000, FAMI-QS, IP(NON-GMO), Kosher, Halal
3.Specification: 1000IU~1430IU, Customized
4.Annual output: 600~1000mts
5.Free sample available


Product Introduction

D-alpha Tocopherol is a yellow to brownish red, clear oily liquid, nearly odorless, and is a monomer of the natural vitamin E derived from edible vegetable oil. Usually, it is produced by methylation and hydrogenation of natural mixed vitamin E, and retains its original conformation. Alpha tocopherol can be used as high-abundance ratios of natural tocopherol supplements in liquid functional foods and ordinary foods. It has been widely used as antioxidants and nutrient in foods, cosmetics and personal care products, as well as in feed industry.food/medical grade, various specifications, soy/sunflower based tocopherols, Free Sample, Bulk In Stock, rich specifications 1000-1430iu

Product Specification

D-alpha Tocopherol Assay (per gram)

1000IU, 1100IU, 1300IU, 1430IU

Optical rotation



≤ 1.0ml

Density(20 ℃)

0.93 g/cm3~ 0.95g/cm3

Heavy metals

≤10 ppm

Benzo(a) pyrene




Residual solvents:


≤890 ppm


Total bacterial count

Yeast & Moulds


≤ 1000cfu/g

≤ 100cfu/g

≤ 10cfu/g

Flow Chart

*Mixed tocopherol95% *Toluene *Paraformaldehyde *Dimethylamine ( CCP1)

Alpha conversion

H2→ H2 Hydrogenation

Paraformaldehyde Filtrate Dimethylamine

Alpha conversion

H2→ Hydrogenation

Remove solvent

*Molecular distillation CCP2

*Filtration CCP3




CCP1: Raw material receiving, OL:The raw material comes from qualified supplier and delivery inspection report

shows qualified.

CCP2:Control solvent residue, CL:Toluene<50ppm

CCP3:Control foreign matter,CL: Filter integrity.

Product feature and application

The D-alpha tocopherol oil is in a mild vegetable oil taste, nearly odorless. It is with in a light yellow to brownish color depending on its assay with a higher content of D-alpha tocopherol and higher biologigy activity.

The D-alpha tocopherol oil is widely used as dietary supplements in food industry, pharmacy, health care products, cosmetics as nutritinal enhancer and also as antioxidants.

Product feature and application

Product Qualification

The D-alpha tocopherol oil is certificated with ISO9001, ISO22000, FAMI-QS, IP(NON-GMO), Kosher, Halal.

Natural Vitamin E certificates

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Package and Delivery

The D-alpha tocopherol oil is packed in 20kg or 190kg food grade steel drum. Package could also be customized accordingly.

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